Women often make certain wrong choices while selecting/purchasing their dress. Every girl must have faced this situation at least once in her lifetime wherein she might have loved a very pretty dress and purchased it, but when dressed in that outfit she might have looked equally shady and shabby.

It is all the more difficult now when plenty of fashionistas bombard our social media feeds with their dressing style, which is at times too difficult to digest. As fashion portals like ForestLily.com suggests, we should be trendy and fashionable but avoid dressing shabbily. We have come up with the list of common mistakes that women usually make while choosing dresses.

Purchasing the Wrong Outfit for an Occasion

If it is a beach party, flaunting your curves in a bodycon dress is a big no-no. If it is an office party wearing flirty dresses will make you garner undue attention from your colleagues for no reason. While all the dresses are pretty but not all dresses are meant for every occasion so learn to differentiate and dress appropriately.

Purchasing Dresses as Per the Current Trend

No matter what is in the trend these days, don’t go by the trend always. Instead, go by your body type. Remember, the idea is to flaunt your body and not look hideous. While some people look great in off-shoulders, others might not. You should not be opting for off-shoulders even if it does not suit your body type just because it is in trend. Dressing up according to body type will always look appealing.

Buying Cheap Quality Dresses from the Flea Market

Dress to impress and dress up to look elegant. Agreed, some dresses when available for cheap rates do give you the adrenaline rush to purchase it right away. But, if the durability is too less, then rather avoid purchasing it than regretting it later

Purchasing the Same Size Clothes in Every Clothing Store

You need to understand that US sizes are different from UK sizes and for the matter, dress sizes differ in almost every other store. Don’t get fixated on purchasing just one size, which you have to alter or return later. Go for a trial before you buy or research in case you are shopping online.

Always wear something that complements your style and gives you an appealing look so that whenever you head out you look fabulous in every dress.