One of the best reminders for parenthood that we’ve heard says parents don’t need to purchase toys at all times. Mind you but some items at home including pots can be transformed into open-ended toys. Your household shelters many art materials that you’re not even aware of.

Creative craft for kids can be done in 3R’s – reuse, recycle, and reconstruct. If you’re trying to save money for other expenses besides buying toys and kids craft table and chairs at Step2 Direct, you should start searching for not-in-use or old items at home.

Here are budget-friendly and non-toxic craft toys perfect for your kids. The following are 4 great options for your next art project with your little kid.

1. Dress-ups

It’s time to check your wardrobe for some clothes are no longer in use. Make them into costumes or hand-me-down clothes or anything your kid likes. Look for old dresses, skirts and all other items in your closet and cut them into bits of fabric. Let your child’s imagination work on the fabrics and do anything they like with them.

Does he want to dress up like Batman? Is she dreaming to like one of the Disney princess? Whatever your child wants to come up with the pieces of fabric, you should be there to guide and lead if necessary.

2. Finger Paints

Children love colorful things. What more if they are the one to make those colors, mix them and paint their own canvas. Isn’t it more exciting? Finger paints are perfect activity for this one. You’ll need some corn starch, flour and food color to make this art. You may add water, sugar or salt if possible. In case they thought of putting their fingers directly on their mouth, at least the ingredients are safe and edible.

There are a wide variety of food ingredients that you can use for this paint craft. Look around the kitchen and you’ll surely find them.


3. Cardboard Boxes

Ask your child to play with you like you’re going somewhere and you’ll be needing a car to take you to your destination. Then show him those cardboard boxes and a photo of a car. Hand over cutting and measuring tools to start the craft. He can make not only cars out of those boxes but shop counters and boats at the same time.

4. Blocks

Have you heard about Lego? Well, it doesn’t sound new but it’s never old among kids. They love to arrange Lego blocks into a house or tower. Then one day, you’ll be surprised that they came up with a phone, sword or a photo frame.

Kids are always excited about doing art works that will unleash their creativity. Nothing’s wrong with allowing your kids do their thing whenever they want to but make sure that art supplies are non-toxic. Encourage self-expression and artistic value with these creative and safe craft for children.

Any household item that can harm them such as those sharp or small objects must be kept safely. Play with them if possible. Secure your child’s safety while helping them enhance their artistic skills with these non-toxic crafts.

In case you want to create a bonding with your kids outside the house, a kids plastic slide from Step2 Direct can help. This toy can help them get rid of their boredom while doing art activities.