Along with the good and stylish clothes, tattoos are always in trend. The thing that changes is the person who is getting the tattoo on his body. The tattoo is made by using a tattoo kit, which probably has a tattoo machine and ink in it. If you are confused about the design of tattoos that you should get, then here is a list of some of them, with meaning.

A White Dot

The first one in this category of small yet meaningful tattoos is a small white dot. This is by the smallest tattoo. This not only looks unique but has got a deep meaning in itself. The small dot means that everything in this world matters, be it a small dot. The white colour to it is the representation of simplicity. This is not just a common man’s tattoo but is famous among the celebrities also.

Equal Sign

The second tattoo that we are talking about is the equal sign in the ring or the wedding ring finger. This tattoo has got a very important and specific meaning in itself and it could be understood by anyone. This may have several aspects. The first aspect of the meaning of this tattoo is that there should be equality for all when it comes to love, be it a normal human being or a person from the LGBTQ community. The second aspect of this could be that in a marriage, both the husband and the wife have an equal share. If a person has any such thought, he or he can get a tattoo done.


The third tattoo on our list is very common. This is a smiley on any of your finger. Lower the size of the tattoo increased in the level of cuteness. This tattoo signifies that life is too short to be sad. So, be happy always and live peacefully. Keep smiling.

Signature of Your Beloved

The last, but not the least tattoo in this category of the tattoo on our list is the signature or any favourite quote of your loved one. This tattoo will show how the person is important for you and you can do anything for her or him. If the signature is in his or her handwriting, that will create a greater impact. By getting the tattoo of the person’s signature, one can make the memory of that person alive forever.

So, these were 4 small and meaningful tattoo options that one can consider and should get them on their body if you want to.