Shrug is similar to jackets and is an important part of all women’s wardrobe. It can be either long sleeved or short sleeved. Buy shrugs online to find a host of colours and style. Although they are basically used for layering purposes you can also use them to add colour and dynamics to your outfit. So if you are looking for different ideas how to incorporate this wonderful wardrobe staple to your look, browse through the following posts and make sure that you look your stylish best all the time.

  • Experiment with Different Lengths

Since shrugs are never worn on their own you can always create different looks by experimenting with different lengths and proportions. Take for instance team a tee with a mini skirt and add a long shrug over for a chic look. Also you can wear it with a dress and look fashionable.

  • Opt For Contrasting Colours And Fabrics

Mix and match colours and print to create unique and fashionable look. You can use them to add a subtle accent to your overall look. Take for instance wearing a silk blouse with a shrug in a bulky knit or in some heavy material such as tweed etc. will bring a nice contrast. This look is both stylish and elegant but if you want to have a bolder look to yourself try pairing different patterns and create a unique look.

  • Keep It Simple

Want a look which is both simple and stylish? Opt for a black shrug in some lighter fabric and team it with a tank top and a pair of jeans for a cool and carefree look. Shrugs also come as a transition piece so if you want to change your look from casual to dressy, opt for a smarter version and look like a diva. Also, adding accessories such as a loop and neck pieces will give your outfit a finishing touch.

  • Stay Away From Going Too Matchy-Matchy

Shrugs offer a great way to add some element to your otherwise simple look. So it is always a great idea to choose a different colour or fabric when creating a look. For instance, don’t wear a cotton shrug with a cotton shirt. Or save a red coloured shrug over a red top or dress will look unfashionable. You can however opt to keep your shrug in the same colour family as the rest of your outfit but don’t go for exact same.

  • Wear It Over Sleeveless Tops And Dresses

If you are not comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes, worry not. Add stylish shrugs to your wardrobe and wear them with sleeveless tops and dresses to look confident and stylish. Experiment with latest designs such as fringes, slits etc.

  • Create A Feminine Look

Go for lace and crochet shrugs and add them to flirty tops and dresses to create a feminine and sexy look. Lace and crochet offer a delicate look and are perfect to embrace your girly side in style. Opt for lighter colours for maximum effect.