Camisoles, oh camisoles! I bet you it is a staple in every woman’s closet. You can be a young teen looking for the perfect move from kids clothing to more teenage ones… a busy college student who loves a nice top under your sweatshirts… a young professional looking to wear something you can bring from a day in the office to an after-work date… or a mom of three who simply just needs that comfort and style while on the go. Whichever type of woman you are, a camisole truly is your best friend!

Here’s 8 reasons why you’ll love and NEED a camisole today:

  • It is a universal top. A cami, as it is more commonly-called, is flattering for every body shape. You can go from petite to plus, and a cami would still look good on you! I personally had this experience, myself. I used to be petite, but gained quite some weight while pregnant, and even after birth. A black camisole was my best friend, this whole transition time. During the days when I did not feel like dressing up too much, leggings and a camisole were definitely my go-to outfit.

  • It is a blank canvas to accessorize on! Whatever piece of jewelry or accessory that you are feeling for the day will still look good on a cami. You can be simple and elegant with small, classic pieces… dainty with floral necklaces… boho with your tassel earrings… hip with your chunky necklaces… the options are limitless. You can change your look throughout the day by being playful with accessories.
  • It works just like your classic LBD. Take the Romi Cami, still in store, for example. A staple in black, and with that elegant neckline, you can either dress it down with shorts for the summer time, denim jeans for a casual but more put-together look, or a bright-colored blazer to contrast the black for a stylish, yet sexy and feminine office look! There are tons of beautiful dressy camisoles. You can get your head start on a minimalist wardrobe by keeping key and essential pieces, just like a camisole. The seasons may change, and fashion trends can move from one fad to another… but a good cami will always be here to stay.

  • It is oh so comfy. Comfort, comfort, comfort. I cannot over-emphasize the many times that comfort has been labeled as one of the top considerations when looking to revamp your look, or closet. Comfort is always key. Never skimp on comfort, says the fashion experts. And let’s face it, a camisole is the most comfortable piece of clothing ever! Ever! Imagine yourself having a lazy day… in your pajamas… and suddenly you see yourself needing to have an emergency supermarket run… with a cami on you, you wouldn’t even have to dress up! Those pajama pants will still work, you can still go bra-less, just pick up your kimono or cardigan, and you’re good to go! How effortless.

  • Shape and that extra oomph! A camisole with a good built-in-bra can give you that extra shape and oomph that you need, even when wearing a slouchy and ordinary t-shirt. You will look more put-together if you can keep all those unwanted areas in place. I, for instance, still have that baby weight on. And let’s face it… sometimes, working out just isn’t a priority when you still have a young toddler to take care of. On the days when I just want to look better, my trusty nude cami under my white shirt is my best friend. As a cami is also basically an undergarment, you can put away that push up bra today and wear your cami instead, and still have that extra oomph!
  • A traveller’s staple. Easy to pack… light weight… universal… accessory-friendly, a camisole should be on top of your list of things to pack for that next trip. As it is also quite light weight, you can actually wash your cami while on that backpacking trip, to still have a clean change of clothes! If you’re a mom on the go with messy children with you… a camisole is also quite easy to add on your diaper bag for your quick change… and even for that young professional to keep on her office drawer for a nice change of clothes, should an office mishap occur. You definitely wouldn’t want to see your boss or make that report with your accidental coffee stain on your shirt.

  • It is budget-friendly. Come on, let’s face it. Not all of us have a gazillion bucks to spend on new outfits every now and then (although we surely wish we did!). Camis are on the cheaper side of the clothing department… and a good one can last you for years! The Open-Front Cami and the High-Neckline Sleeveless Cami, both still in store, will last you for many years. I personally have a trusty black sleeveless cami, which have now been with me for three years, and it still looks as new as ever!

  • You will NEVER have an “I have nothing to wear” moment ever again. Never. When, on one morning, you feel like you have nothing to wear, rummage through your closet for your trusty black camisole, and read back to all the other reasons why that cami is still good for you. Trust me, never let go of that cami.