Online stores have changed our shopping habits forever. Most of us look for things online, instead of visiting a local store. However, there are certain categories that need your personal attention, such as rings, jewelry, and expensive watches. These are products that must be checked and reviewed in detail. This is not to undermine online jewelry stores. In fact, many local stores in Montreal that deal in jewelry and expensive products like watches, offer deliver all over Canada. For example, you can check for Atelier Lou watches online on their website. 

In this guide, we are discussing more on how to find the best store for jewelry and watches in Montreal!

Credibility counts

Credibility is one of the foremost aspects that matter in selecting a local jewelry store. Many brands in Montreal are over a hundred years old, and they have great reviews from people. Find a store that you can rely on, and their customer retention rate, online reviews and testimonials are great ways to evaluate their reputation and products they sell. 


Selected jewelry stores also offer appraisals and buy back old gold and estate items, besides selling new products. You may also want to check if they have a team of appraisal experts, who are certified and work in-house with the store. Stores may or may not deal in repairs, cleaning, and resetting of jewelry, but if they do, that’s always an added advantage. When it comes to watches in particular, only a few local stores specialize in vintage watches, and you may want to go and visit them to know about the products. Make sure to ask for a certificate of authenticity for vintage and antique jewelry and watches. 

If the store also buys estate products, such as gold, jewelry and watches, it could be a nice way of getting genuine prices for things you own. 

Custom jewelry

More people are interested in custom jewelry than ever before, and if you want to get something like personal wedding bands, or a completely tailored engagement ring, select a store that offers such services. For personal jewelry design, it is best to visit the store, ask relevant questions and get a real feedback from designers on what may fit your budget. When it comes to diamonds and expensive gemstones, insist on certification. 

For appraisals, check if they follow the standard guidelines. Check and find jewelry stores in Montreal now!