Celebrating Christmas following the death of a family member is hard. Finding joy and reasons to be happy seems like it is impossible while in the middle of the grieving process. The emotions, the sadness, and the depression make Christmas particularly hard for families. However, when the gathering of loved ones is used as a part of the coping process, Christmas with the family can be very healing to the soul.

Here are some tips to help the Yuletide season become less of a traumatizing experience when grieving:

Tip 1: Do Not Fake Happiness

Grieving family members tend to overcompensate when the family gathers for Christmas. Many feel as if they have to pretend to be happy so that everyone will feel comfortable, but this can actually be damaging. Instead of faking it through the first Christmas after a death in the family, use this as a way to celebrate life.

Put up memorial ornaments in the loved one’s honor and share lovely stories about their life. This is a great way to cope with the loss while surrounded by loved ones who are also grieving.

Tip 2: Smaller Gatherings

Instead of inviting the usual full house for a big Christmas party, turn the holiday into an intimate gathering of those that mean the most to you. Inviting too many people into your house too soon can trigger a lot of negative emotions that will make the party more traumatizing than anything else. A quiet night with a few friendly and loving faces gathered around the Christmas is comforting and healing.

Tip 3: Tree Decorating

Hang memorial ornaments in memory of the family member that has passed away. This small gesture is very significant as it will comfort everyone when they see the thoughtful decoration on the Christmas tree. The ornaments can be a part of the holiday tradition to ensure that the person who has passed away will always have a space on the tree and in everyone’s hearts.

Tip 4: Connect With A Counselor Or A Group

Sometimes the best way to heal is with the company of others or with the help of a grief counselor. If you find that Christmas is emotionally draining, find someone who can help you with your emotions in a healthy way. Speaking to a counselor or to a group of individuals who understand your pain is a great way to cope with loss and depression.

Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Do not feel pressured to celebrate Christmas if you are not ready to do so. Take the time to grieve, but at the same time do not shut the world out. Talk to your loved ones and invite them over for breakfast if Christmas lunch and dinner is too much. Keep the celebrations to a level that you are comfortable with.

Forcing yourself to enjoy the holidays when you are not ready will only stunt your recovery from the loss. Let everyone you love know that you are still grieving and to give you space until you are ready, self-love is a must when you are going through something very emotional.

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