Pearl is the best romantic gift that can be presented to your loved ones. It is the only natural gem that is obtained from a living creature. When we hear the term pearl, the first thing that comes to our mind is the cream-white colour, with light reflecting from every angle, round shaped gemstone. Earlier, there were just white colour pearls available in the market. Irrespective of any skin tone men and women wore it because it denoted the sign of royalty.

However, with time, fashion sense has changed and so has the choice of colour. Therefore, some pearls were cultivated in Tahiti to obtain black pearls while some were cultivated in South Sea to form golden pearls. Now there are different shades of pearls to complement different skin tone in every jewellery store. Even online you can get reasonable yet authentic pearls with warranty. PearlsOnly is an Australia based company that trades directly with Japan and China to obtain authentic pearls. If you want to know more about the pearl industry and varieties of styles and designs then click here for more details.

Here is the list of different brands of pearls available in different shades and the skin tone that they will blend with –

White Pearls

White pearls are either known as Akoya pearls, freshwater pearls or white south sea pearls. They have their own lustre and intensity. Basically, there are three kinds of shades available in white pearls, silver, cream and rose. Silver pearls are bright white therefore; they complement females who have darker, tan or olive complexion.

Tahitian or Black Pearls

These pearls aren’t completely black, but have shades of silver or steel, bluish green, and peacock colour. Silver or steel-based shades have dark grey body tone and therefore, they look perfect on fair complexion. This pearl emits lot of light and therefore, shine brighter than other pearls. Bluish green pearl goes well on women with dark colour hair and dull complexion. The pearl’s tone outshines and works well with any outfit.

Gold South Sea Pearls

Golden pearls can range from rose gold to deepest orange gold. There are generally four shades of gold pearls, neutral, rose gold, green or bronze gold, and champagne gold. Neutral gold has common colour with no double shade on it. Therefore, it can be enjoyed by anyone. Rose gold pearl has a touch of pink shade that is perfect for fair complexioned females.

Wrong shade of pearl can make you look bizarre. Therefore, choose the right shade that matches with your skin tone.