As we all know that the market is flooded with face creams when talking about the skin care products, but the product that you seldom find is a face serum. Now there is a major reason for this shortness of face serum and this reason is that the face serums are much lighter and have all active and concentrated ingredients, which make the production cost high. Therefore, a lot of skin care companies consider it best and in their greater interest not to manufacture face serums at all.

Difference In A face Serum and A Face Cream

A face serum is different from a face cream like the face cream it will not produce much moisture but will be lighter on the skin. Therefore the ingredients in it have to be really active. An amazing face serum by Gold Elements is known as Age Treatment Face Serum.

As you can easily guess by the name that this serum will not only give you a smoother skin but also will make it look younger. As the face serums are lighter than the face creams and do not produce the same amount of moisture, therefore, the ingredients have to be active in order to penetrate the skin and work from the inside.

This gold serum combines the power of gold powder mixed with plant extracts and natural oils to make the concentrated mixture that is required in a serum. All the ingredients mentioned are known to exhibit skin care and anti-aging properties.

Therefore, when you will apply this serum your skin will feel a lot smoother, healthier and younger than before. As this serum will penetrate deep into your skin and act from within therefore even a small amount is enough. On the other hand when using a face cream normally it is used in larger quantities. Hence, using any face serum is more effective than using a facial cream.