Dressing is an art and to make the art look as beautiful as it can get, you must figure out what your body shape looks like. Knowing what your body shape is like helps you make better choices when it comes to selecting clothing line for yourself. One must have come across incidents where the dress you saw on a mannequin appeared sexy, but when one tried it on oneself, it didn’t look that attractive. It is because the majority of the women are not familiar with their body shapes and how they are supposed to dress according to their body type.

After a little digging on which body type should wear what, from every stylist’s journal we have found the best ways to dress to define your figure in the best way you can. Here you go-

  • For Pear Shaped Body: This body shape determines a figure where the hips of a woman are broad than their shoulders. The best you can do is wear outfits that define your shoulders better, this in return balances your figure’s shape. Fit & Flare Dresses, Bold Necklaces and Scarves etc. Try not wearing pants, skirts and dresses that are too tight for your hip, because the motto here is to balance and not to heighten just one body feature. Also, wear patterned, dark and solid coloured outfits. For example, a dress with a light-coloured bottom and upper portion be bright.
  • For an Apple Shaped Body: What it means to have an apple shaped body is to have a figure with broad shoulders where the bust line is heavier than the hips. The most of your weight is concentrated above the hips, and your waistline is too little or minimal. The best thing which you can do is draw attention away from your shoulders to your waistline and away from the bust to your neck. Going for shirts and skinny pants balances the bust line and heavy shoulders. Dresses with V-neck are fancy and never look over the top. You can buy the best shirts and blouses by applying free coupon codes.
  • Hourglass Shaped Body:Generally, who have an hourglass-like body shape are considered sexy and perfect because other women wish to have a figure like that. But these admirable curves are not easy to please without wearing an outfit that just accentuates the feature nicely and for better. Like, you can choose accessories to define your waistline, allowing it to be the centre of attraction. Any shapeless outfit usually makes a woman with an hourglass body shape look too much heavy and sometimes pregnant. Don’t forget to wear a good fitting bra because having an hourglass figure also means wearing body hugging and closely fit clothes. You can also choose V-neck tops and dresses without being cleavage inappropriate at all. A deep neckline is not a bad idea, but it isn’t flattering either.
  • For Rectangular Shaped Body: This body shape is about a balanced structure from shoulders to the hips, as in one can call it straightforward. The best part about having this body shape are the arms and legs. One should wear tops and dresses that define their neckline and upper body. Anything from strapless to blazers and long jackets can be your fancy thing. When you already have a figure that has fine waistline plus the hourglass shape then you should never go for overarching outfits because they don’t add drama, they look over the top.
  • For Athlete Shaped Body: This Body Shape can be defined as something flat with shoulder and hips having the same measurements. The waistline as well as the bust line are not too defined; instead, they are straight. The whole agenda of styling a woman with athlete type figure is to either add volume to her upper body or lower body, not both. For example, if you are choosing a corset like a crop top or blouse then going with flare pants or breezy skirts can add the much-needed drama. Similarly, if you are wishing to wear a boyfriend t-shirt or loose fitted shirts, then skinny pants will make the beautiful legs look sexy. Halter neck. Strapless tops and dresses or skinny jeans, pencil skirts etc.

The best way to start knowing your body type is by doing some self-assessment by standing in front of the mirror.  Also, it is essential for all the women to know that it is not the dress that makes you look great, but it is the confidence with which you carry any outfit that adds definition to your style.