You can’t deny the fact that waxing just doesn’t remove your hair but gives you a really silky smoothie skin. You can do waxing at home by yourself, but its best done by professionals at waxing salon.

From regular to full wax there are many waxing styles. Hard or soft wax; there are a lot of options. You can search for best waxing offers around or make an appointment. For those in woodland Hills, CA, we recommend to visit this website, at least once. They offer wax passes and even give free waxing to first guests.

In this article, we have listed out some common mistakes you should avoid.

If you prefer salon waxing, keep following things in mind.

Don’t over trim

This is the most common mistake made by most of the women.

If you want to remove hairs completely, it is best to get it when your hair length is slightly grown out.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine before waxing.

Consuming alcohol or caffeine before waxing sounds great but leads to sensitivity of the skin. A sensitivite skin is definitely not best for waxing.

Cool is not always cool!

Go hot! A Hot shower will activate the pore areas, this easily removes the hair.

Not sticking with waxing, regularly

We recommend regular waxing. Not waxing at regular intervals will make your hair stronger. Regular waxing will make them uncomfortable and ultimately prevents the hair growth.

After waxing precautions

What not to do for next 24 hours after waxing?

  • Avoid extremely hot bath; that will have a reaction on your skin.
  • Sunbathe or swimming is not recommended.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes as it will cause perspiration and hence block the hair follicles.
  • Say no to deodorant, makeup, and tanners.
  • Avoid scrubbing or touching the waxed area for avoiding bacterial infection.

For those, who prefer waxing at home, take care of following things.

Not re-using your wax strips

Don’t just throw them away after one use.  You can use the same wax strip for multiple sessions if doing it at home.

Waxing randomly in any direction

Make sure to pull the strips only against the grain of your hair growth.  One quick removal will be the best; you will get accurate results if you remove the strips quickly.

Avoiding exfoliation of ingrown hairs

It’s important you keep the skin area exfoliated. To make your hair grow properly, it’s advisable to moisturize and exfoliate your skin at regular intervals. You can ask for some after wax solutions like after wax oil or any other alternative.

What you waiting for? Glow your skin improving your waxing techniques avoiding these mistakes.