There are two types of engagement rings that will be used as messengers of the upcoming wedding. Until just a few years ago, there was really only one common variant that both prospective spouses wore a ring pair of the same design on the left hand.

This understanding of an engagement ring has changed in recent years. It is now increasingly evident that the single diamond-studded engagement ring is on the rise. This type of engagement or ladies’ ring is, unlike the wedding ring in which a couple comes into the jewelry store, usually “secretly” selected by the budding groom and presented to the chosen one in the marriage proposal. Therefore, one also speaks of a request ring.

This ring is worn in Germany as a solitaire on the ring finger of the left hand. Abroad, however, the custom is different and the right ring finger proudly presents the jewel – often with brilliant.

Originally, unlike partner rings, it is less about a European custom. Also, one is not necessarily a Christian if you give your beloved such a ring. Rather, it is an American tradition (engagement ring), which has found its way into our realms not least through romantic literature and cinema.

Buy engagement rings from the wedding ring forge

You want to buy an overwhelming engagement ring? Everything is possible with the diamond size in the engagement ring. Virtually every size is in demand. Whether a small diamond of 0.10ct (about 3 mm diameter) which looks elegant and timeless, but not intrusive or the 1 Karäter which makes each engagement ring not only in the marriage proposal to the absolute eye-catcher. Any kind of engagement ring with Princess Cut Diamond is possible. Nowadays, a white material is most often preferred for the engagement ring / solitaire ring because it supports the effect of the diamond very well. White gold, or platinum, is the absolute leaders here, followed by palladium rings. Rarely, yellow gold or rose gold is chosen, but this depends greatly on the particular taste of the lady of the heart. The preferred cut of the diamond is the brilliance of an engagement ring.

In some cases, the tradition of the diamond is taken as a love ambassador, but not given in the form of a ring, but as earrings / earrings, pendants or in the form of diamond bracelets. This kind of glittering jewelry is of course also like a brilliant engagement ring ideally suited for a successful marriage proposal.

Rarely, the diamond is dispensed with and resorted to a zirconium, as it is produced for example as a product of Swarovski. Although this artificial stone has the charisma and sparkle of a diamond, it does not have its longevity. For this he is of course much cheaper than the “real” version. But who opens this Pandora’s box once must be aware that it cannot be a ring, with its stone remains many years or even decades in the frame version of the ring.

Partner rings with engraving

Engagement rings are no longer handed over from man to woman, but rather, the trend is also forging the engagement with rings for a couple. The engraving also plays an important role for the lovers. Engraved partner rings are a popular symbol of the upcoming wedding. The engagement rings with engraving set the imagination for the engraving no limits. The various font styles and fonts can be used deliberately to your own taste.

Engagement rings for both

As with the wedding rings, there are also different Wholesale Engagement Rings for him and her. Both can show that they have made the marriage promise. Thus, application rings are a nice sign of attachment and love for each other. It is also possible to consciously use differences in design. Frosted or polished, with diamond or without, as well as models in high-tech material such as carbon.

How much should an engagement ring cost?

This question is as old as the tradition of the engagement ring. As Minimum is common that the full monthly wage should be invested. Two monthly salaries would be better and three almost perfect. The price of the engagement rings should play only a secondary role in a loved one, more important is that the ring like. Cheap models like our Larissima in silver start here at 99 EUR. Here it is worth the application ring to buy online. The price range upwards is no limits. Our dedication ring Dedicated with 1.30 ct. Diamond trim in the best quality coes here already over 16.700 EUR.

In the case of gold application rings, alloys over 333 are usually preferred. So 585 or 750 gold. This is because the frequently used prong setting of the diamond ring does not have the necessary sustained elasticity for low-alloyed material in order to permanently hold the diamond or diamonds.

The engagement ring – whether as a pair of rings or solitaire engagement ring – is usually worn on the left hand, so that the right hand is later reserved for the wedding ring. This is especially true in Germany and goes back to the middle Ages, but here we are an exception. It’s the other way around in almost every other country…

There is much more to tell about this unique women’s ring and as a wedding jeweler with a lot of shops in Germany we are specialized in the topic of engagement. Browse our large online shop and use our homepage with the ABC for more information. Look out for the special pair price. But we definitely recommend visiting one of our jewelry shops. Nothing can replace the experience of actually holding and comparing different rings. Make an appointment today for a consultation at a local branch.