The average contents of most people’s underwear drawer is usually pretty unexciting. For day-to-day use the majority of us tend to favour comfort and practicality in what we wear under our clothes.

Barring an unexpected trip to the hospital or a dramatic and embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in public, we generally do not expect anyone to see our unmentionables other than our spouses or partners. Even then, our closest loved ones have a tendency to not pay any heed to our boxers, panties or bras. This is mostly because of the aforementioned predilection for our underwear to be more serviceable than seductive. Sexy knickers are rarely pulled on unless for special occasions.Image result for Sexy Knickers

Provocative lingerie and leopard-print briefs are, of course, not always appropriate. However, just imagine how much more fun it would be if we all gave some more thought to the matter and chose to wear something a little more exciting now and then. Think of how much a treat it would be for those that we allow to see us in our smallest of smalls. The surprise and delight that would be evoked in a partner getting an unexpected view of some sexy knickers would surely outweigh the mild inconvenience of wearing them.

There are also hidden benefits such as the feeling obtained whilst going about daily mundane tasks knowing you are dressed like a sexual god or goddess underneath your everyday work clothes. The thrill of the hidden is a guaranteed confidence boost and bound to make a dull meeting more interesting as the mind inevitably begins to wander.

If you are still not convinced then perhaps your idea of what constitutes alluring underwear needs some readjustment. Try not to think only of lace, g-strings, annoying straps and complicated clasps but do some internet research and broaden your horizons. No matter your taste with the enormous array available there is bound to be something that will suit you. Many stores also cater for all shapes and sizes so there really is no excuse in not finding something.

Go pull on some sexy knickers and see what happens next!