For everyone doubting 2019 will be full of glamour and aesthetics, Shaly Guo just confirmed it will be.


The New York based brand will be holding its first runway Ready-to-wear fashion show in 2019, and all hands are on deck to make it a reality and an exhibition of true glamour and pronounced aesthetics.


As for the collection, Shaly Guo designer Shuang Guo will be dishing out trends during the show. Many of the ready-to-wear looks also will be having a touch of the signatory features of the brand.

Fresh off a spot on the Rising Star Fashion Designer Competition shortlist, Guo decided to continue laying the foundations of her brand – Playing with Vintage.

Europe suiting mixed with originally designed Embroidery pattern. The kid toy Cloth tiger informed this collection, specifically the old posters and other traditional flora-fauna motif prints created in-house by Guo. “I always try to add something new with the Asian animal prints in my pattern,” said the designer, who also used geometric colorful blocks pulled from Cloth tiger.


The designs will be in form of art and a true reflection of the conceptual in the industry and the avant-garde. The experience is sure to be in its most intimate truth as the brand intends to assume a means of universal expression.


Gracing the collection will be a horde of fashion observant from marquee brands, patrons and admirers of Shaly Guo. Of course, Guo is not alone in her reinterpretations of man’s wear, nor of Eastern Asian design codes. It is exciting she her growth, and hope she can continue to push her brand further, finding her own individual foothold.