Who is going to be drawn towards them? It is just an accessory with saree, a blouse is a blouse and who can make anything out of it. Well, do you hold the same opinion and are of the view that a blouse is not as important as a saree. The different types of blouses, their designs and patterns are more than enough to give you a second thought. Designers might be wondering why on earth did they go about marveling this wonderful piece. The Blouse is an integral part of the overall makeup of your saree. Let us now understand the various types of blouse patterns.

Quarter sleeve

Opted by the stylish woman they go on to provide a tall figure line. One of the interesting aspects of this blouse is that it can be worn by plump women who are tall and lean. If you are tall or lean you can wear quarter sleeve blouses with net sarees. In the case of slight weight pulled up ladies, silk sarees will be great with this type of blouses.

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Full sleeves

This type of blouse is loved by all ladies as it goes along with any type of body curves. No matter to the fact that if you put on some extra pounds, the designer full sleeve blouses will grace every occasion and make you stand apart from the crowd. The best part of this blouse is that it covers your overweight body. Ideally, for best results, you should try this type of blouse with lace material.

Cap sleeves

Do you want something for the skinny women? In the case of ladies with extra lean shoulders or have toned arms this can be the perfect option. As the name resembles this type of blouse goes on to resemble the shape of a cap, which is attached to the shoulder line of the blouse and thus the name has emerged.

Short sleeves and half sleeves

This type of sleeve ends below the elbow point, and are in the range of 3 to 7 inches, which goes on to vary according to the length of your arm. This form of design is worn by the grandmothers, mothers and work out to be the perfect option for the modern day corporate woman as well. The blouse with this length of the sleeves can be worn on a regular basis. Though it is a general category you can boast the style as per your choices. Ideally, you can go on to add buttons instead of plain hooks at the back.

Halter illusion

This type of blouse hangs over your neck as well as your shoulder. This type of blouses are not perfectly halters and do not have a broad shoulder. They do not hang around your neck but tend to give you an illusion of the same. If someone has the perfect hourglass figure, this type of blouse goes on to suit them the most on all.