If you want to wear an elegant wedding hat at a wedding, here are some tips for wedding hat etiquette that you should consider.

Adhere to the Dress Code

If you want to wear a specific headpiece at your wedding or something larger and more vibrant, you should let your guests know about your dress plans. Ideally, guests should be made aware of the dress code within six weeks prior to the wedding, at least.

Complement Your Style

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re wearing the hat and not vice versa. You should be confident with the style you choose, but make sure it’s something that matches your height and shape. For instance, if you’re shorter you should wear a smaller hat, but go with a wide-brim hat if you’re taller.

Proper Hat Etiquette

The groom’s mother should always wear a fancy hat that’s smaller than the mother of the bride’s, a rule stemming from the idea that guests should never stand out above their hosts. If you and the groom are both hosting the wedding, then the mothers can choose to wear more grandiose hat styles.

Avoid Blocking Photos

You should make sure that guests avoid wearing hats that drown their head and shoulders in photographs. You can ask the photographer to remind guests to adjust their hats before taking group photos to ensure their faces are visible in every shot.

Go with Traditional Style

If you’re accessorizing a hatband or a bridal headpiece with feathers, flowers, or other types of embellishments, consider the fact that women typically decorate hats on the right side of the hat, whereas men traditionally keep to the left.

Size Doesn’t Necessarily Matter

The time of day when the wedding takes place will directly influence the choice of headwear. Typically, the size of the hat will be smaller as the day progresses. Large brim hats are ideal for the middle of the day, but they are unnecessary during the morning or evening hours when the sun isn’t out.

Wear Hats Indoors

Because women’s hats are considered fashion accessories as part of their overall ensemble, they aren’t required to remove them when indoors. However, men should always do so, particularly when in churches and other religious buildings.

Tipping Your Hat

One rule to follow for gentlemen and mothers is to show the inside lining of the hat, but when removing, tipping, or doffing, you should make sure only the outside is visible.

The #1 Rule

The main rule that couples should follow is avoiding pointing out when guests forget to adhere to any of the above rules. Guests may not always be aware of the proper etiquette until their special day comes, so forgiveness is a virtue in this case.

Keeping all of these rules in mind can help make sure that your wedding turns out the way you want it to. However, you can also use these when attending another couple’s special day.