Gone are the days when men used to limit themselves to wrist watches when it came to accessorizing their looks. Today, men, like women leave no stone unturned to style themselves up. Depending upon the variety of styles that men prefer, there are a range of products available to choose from. Starting from the casual nerdy look to the classy formal style, men of all kind know how to leave their mark in the everyday changing world. Men’s favourite accessories along with their watches include an array of items depending on the look they are carrying and the environment they are in. Here are some of the preferred styles and the accessories to match with-

  • The Effortless yet Elegant Casual Style:

Apart from simple watches, there are bracelets, anklets, belts, necklaces that add extra charisma to your look. Pair these in any combination and you are ready to go. Step out in the sun wearing a cool Aviator or Wayfarer sunglass and you shine brighter than the sun. A watch not only tells you time but also makes your wrist grab some attention. Accessories enhance your persona; the more comfortable you are wearing them, the more successful you are in expressing yourself.

  • The Classy and Captivating Formal Style:

This style demands elegance and thus extra care should be taken while choosing the accessories to complete the look. The watch itself should be a decent and attractive one. The next indispensable accessory required is a nice quality belt. Though the accessories are limited for this particular style, choosing the right ones will place you in the spotlight. Cufflinks, ties, collar tips and tie pins are often used. Match them well and you are good to catch some eyes.

  • The Ultimate Sporty Style:

The word sporty and men go hand in hand. It is the most common style prevalent among men and can be further categorised into traveling and hiking style.

  • Happening Hiking Style:

Hiking involves great strength, vigour and stamina as it includes travelling through rough terrains and harsh environments. Men’s favourite accessories along with their watches for this particular style constitute pocket knives, Swiss knives and flash lights and of course a compass so that they do not lose track of the direction amidst the adventure.

  • The most popular Travelling Style:

Men these days are all travel enthusiasts and fashion accessories to give them the ‘Gallivanter’ look is much in demand. Depending on the places you are travelling to, the accessories you opt vary. Consider traveling to some land adventures, a sports watch is a must have. Necklaces, bracelets and anklets are add-ons. A cool bandana will add glamour to the overall look. Remember, the more comfortable you are, the more stylish you appear. So, you can wear these accessories the way that suits you the best.

Now if one is being travelling to beaches, a waterproof watch is what you have to replace your ordinary watch with. An anklet, bracelet and necklace provide the casual and relaxing beach look.

As it is very well said, ‘We are what we wear’, choose the right accessories on right occasions to bring out the latent you to impress anyone and everyone around you, and above all to impress yourself.