If you’re familiar with fine jewelry you probably know that it does not hold its value. What that means is don’t ever buy a piece of expensive jewelry in the hopes of selling it in the future. Unless you are buying a highly notable diamond, like the Hope Diamond or the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, it is not likely that you will ever get a higher return on your original investment.

For example: If you spend $4,000 on a ring with baguette diamonds you can expect to get an offer of about $400 from your local jeweler – that is to assume the jeweler thinks they can resell it for much more. It’s almost the same as buying a new car and watching its value decrease the minute it is driven off the lot.

So when buying an expensive ring, remember the cost is about 300% or more of its real value. That is exactly why so many are turning to their trusted jewelers to have a customized forever ring designed. You may as well pay for a ring you will love forever knowing you had it designed just for you. A gift from you to you!

Tip 1: Do your homework

Even designers don’t create looks in a vacuum. Look around. Review jewelry and ring designs on a few of your favorite jeweler’s websites. While you are reviewing the available styles, check out whether the jeweler has high marks for its custom rings. Read reviews, gather photos. Remember you may have to scale it down to fit within your budget.

You might consider starting with simple designs knowing you will be able to power-tweak them when you are working directly with a jeweler.

Tip 2: Find a Jeweler that will Provide Renderings

It’s another way of saying, do your homework. Remember, this ring is going to last you a lifetime. Jewelers that have years of expertise in creating customized rings understand how to replicate and enhance your vision within your budget parameters. Even more importantly, they will follow these steps:

  • Submit inspiration pages
  • Have an in-person, online or phone consultation
  • Receive an estimate and put down a deposit
  • Receive a sketch or 3D computer modeling
  • Upon approval, a revised quote will be provided
  • The custom engineer will ensure the design is structurally sound while maintaining the vision within the budget.
  • Sizing and rendering for approval – if not spot on, request revisions
  • 3D Printing as a wax mold
  • Lost Wax Casting
  • Goldsmithing for soldering, stone setting, plating, engraving, etc.

Tip 3: Learn how to Take Care of Your Forever Ring

For goodness sake, make sure you understand how to take care of your ring so it will last forever! Here are a few guidelines.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals, sunlight, and extreme temperatures
  • Avoid chlorine
  • Put your ring on after using cosmetics, hair spray, and perfumes
  • Remove your beautiful ring when doing household tasks, gardening and other chores
  • Store your ring separately so it never gets scratched
  • Never use paper towels on your ring, as it can scratch the surface