When presented with a range of wedding menus to choose between by a wedding cater, most couples are tempted to merely choose the one that is closest to the top of the budget for catering. But because a wedding catering menu is the most luxurious you can afford, it does not mean it is the best one suited for your wedding.

Here are 6 things to look for in your wedding catering menu.

  • Wide ranges of tastes

Catering for a wedding should provide an assortment of tastes to dodge becoming tedious. If you have a starter that is tomato-based you might want a sauce that is cream based for the main course, and if the first course is sweet you should have something peppery or spicy for your main.

  • Dietary requirements

The menu should include any options for dietary requirements orfor vegetarians. You might also contemplate a dish of fish and another meat dish as the main course since many people do not like fish but do not mention this as a dietary requirement.

  • Tastes of guest

The menu should suit the tastes of your guests. There is certainly no point in having lobster if most of your wedding guests would rather have steak, and you also do not want to present novelty burgers if the guests will be expecting a formal dinner that is top class.

  • Season

The menu should work with the season. Look for menus featuring light and refreshing dishes for the spring and summer months, and hearty warm dishes for fall and winter weddings.

  • Theme of wedding

The menu should also match the theme of your wedding. Having a modern hip wedding with traditional roast meat probably would be a bit out of place. If you have a vintage wedding, gourmet mash and sausage, or plates of sushi won’t work.

  • Under budget

You should come in under budget. Leave room in your wedding catering Tampa Fl budget in case you need to add a few extra guests at the last minute. Many weddings catering meals cost are on a “price per head”, so if you choose the top end of your budget you will have less flexibility over additions that are unexpected.