When shopping for a suit, you always want to go in for something uniquely built to your specifications. After you have conferred with your tailor about having a bespoke suit made, the next step will be to discuss the several aspects of the suit including the type of fabric you desire to be used and other personalization that displays your individuality. Among the fabrics you should consider are Mohair, Cashmere, Cotton, Silk, Wool and Velvet. Try as much as possible to research about the various types of fabric so that you are sure that whatever material you are getting is of the highest quality. A rule of thumb when choosing a material is to study it awhile in the sun keeping in mind that the finished article will always look lighter than the sample. The following are a few tips to consider when buying a bespoke suit

What’s the suit for?

The notion that a suit is a suit so anything goes is quite erroneous. Of course, there doesn’t need to be much of a difference between a suit sewn for a job interview and one for social events, but when going for a bespoke suit, it is important that you state clearly from the outset what the primary purpose of the suit is. Are you after a suit which is casual or more business-like? Or perhaps you want one specifically for your wedding. Also, are you more attuned to American, British or Italian-style outfits?

Know your body shape

It is important that you have the suit styled and constructed in a way that suits you perfectly. After all, that’s the whole idea behind getting a bespoke suit. If are a bit thinner, you should opt for slim lapels, with the stouter ones going in for the wider lapels. In addition, if you are tall, you may want to avoid too-short trousers. On the other hand, short people should avoid suits that are too long.

Trust your tailor

The tailor is an expert and even though you are going to be the wearer of the suit, it is his role to make you look your possible best. Thus, if you are absolutely clear in your mind about what you specifically want, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your desires and opinions to the tailor. He would know exactly what to do. Be prepared also to listen to his counsel concerning your styling decisions instead of thinking you know better.

Avoid trends

When investing in a suit, you want it lasting and staying relevant for as long as possible. The decision to go in for something “of the moment” is likely to backfire in a few years to come when that trend becomes antiquated. Bespoke suits don’t come cheap so when investing in one, do so wisely by not going overboard with the trendy styles so that you can still wear it in a few months’ time with no embarrassment.

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