Accessories can take your boring outfit to the next level in just seconds. They are a significant piece of style. They also allow you to express some personality traits that clothing doesn’t allow you to.

Every closet must have a series of trendy accessories to carry with your garments. From sunglasses to pins, there are multiple options for you and your taste. These are some of the top accessories every woman should have to complete the look:

  1. Sunglasses

A killer pair of sunglasses will definitively give you a more stylish look. Shades can be elegant and fashionable. They can also be fun and full of vibrant colors. Just remember to try a few on before you buy a pair. Every face has a different type of favorite sunglasses. If your face is rounded, you should aim for sunglasses with straight lines. Run away from perfect and big circles, they can be trendy, but they will make your cheeks look enormous.

  1. Enamel pins

These cute little pins come in a wide variety of forms and colors. You can even have your custom enamel pins designed and made just for you. There are multiple options: flowers, cartoons, flags, and letters. Pick an image from a gallery and send it to the people who create these beautiful accessories.

  1. Belts

Belts offer an excellent advantage for wide dresses and long shirts. They can be transformed into cute little dresses in just a couple of minutes. Every time you want to accentuate your waist in a sweater or dress that is too big use a skinny belt. Better have a black one and a brown one, just in case. This way you will have two neutral colors to match most outfits.

  1. Pearl necklace

You can’t go wrong with this. It does not have to be real and authentic pearls, and cosmetic ones will also do the trick. Having a simple necklace can get your outfit from simple to elegant in one simple step. Even the most basic t-shirt will become a sophisticated outfit after wearing a necklace.

  1. Bold bangle

If you are not using a watch, then use your wrist to carry this nice accessory. A bold bangle can look sophisticated and yet simple. It does not overcharge your look, and it gives you a shiny piece on your wrist. They come in multiple colors and textures, make sure to have an extra pair to match other outfits.

  1. Scarf

It is not necessary to have cold weather to wear a beautiful scarf. They can be used not too tight and this way it will not be so warm. They come in such a wide range of prints, colors, and fabrics that you will want more than one. Just remember to have a neutral one that can be used with multiple outfits.

  1. Clutches

These small purses will save you one party night. They are as small as cute and as big as necessary. Phone, keys, cash and your papers, you don’t need anything else. You are ready to party. They can be leather or fabric, plastic or wood. There are multiple options when it comes to mini bags. The one that you choose should suit multiple purposes, so stay away from that neon bright one you just saw.

  1. Card case

Just in case a mini bag is still too big for your style. Why not trying a card case? With this accessory, you can be sure all your important items are held together. Cards, id cards, and some pocket money can be there without a problem. There may be no room for keys, but they are super cute.

These are just some of the most basic accessories every woman should have in the closet ready to complete the outfit. Some may be more practical than others, and some are just too cute to be ignored. The bottom line is that if you think the outfit you chose is lame, maybe it is. And you are entitled to spice it up a little bit by choosing the right accessories.

Most of this can be found online, so you don’t have to leave your super comfy chair to go and find them. They are just one click away.