As the festive season and wedding season arrives, the most important thing, which comes into mind, is the wedding bands or rings. Several options are available for the rings like silver, gold, platinum, tungsten and ceramic rings. Nowadays, people are breaking the trends and moving to exceptionally beautiful rings like tungsten and ceramic rings. Now, the question comes is that which ring is better between the tungsten and ceramic rings.

Comparison between tungsten rings vs ceramic rings

  • Both the rings are available in the black color as the black color is setting the fashion statement nowadays. People get attention toward the rings due to its color and exceptional looks. Various rings are available in the black color but the rings, which are getting popular day by day, are tungsten rings and ceramic rings.
  • Naturally, tungsten is the metal which is available in gray color but to make it black, alloy of titanium zirconium are being shooted with the raised velocity on the metal. Tungsten rings are absolutely resistant to scratches and this property is not available in any other metal. Tungsten rings are hard as well as more durable as compared to ceramic rings, which are light, hard, and non-metallic rings.
  • Ceramic rings if got scratched, then no other color will be underneath because ceramic rings are shooted with the tiny particle to change the color as the color is already black. In the nutshell, ceramic rings are light and easy to wear so if anyone is looking for the wedding rings, ceramic rings are better.
  • But the major plus points are still in the favour of tungsten rings due to highly durable and scratch resistant properties. Tungsten as well as ceramic rings are hard but ceramic rings get distorted more quickly as compared to the tungsten rings.
  • If you love black, then black tungsten rings are the only option because color change can occur due to the reflecting properties of the ceramic and which will lead to change in the color.
  • Selection of ring entirely depend on the buyer and according to the requirements, one can get the best ring accordingly.