It is made to believe by some advertisements and TV shows and movies etc. that spraying a little of pepper spray on attacker will be enough to save you from the attack, but this is not entirely true. While using a pepper spray your target is to protect yourself from the attacker, then why not you make sure that the attacker is down by making him entirely saturated with pepper spray.

The reality is that spraying more is much better than spraying less and still that attacker runs behind you,and you miss to fire on the target,and that person catches you. You should instead spray the whole canister and empty it on the attacker. In many cases, even Police Officers even don’t think how many bursts they have used. Don’t spray the whole at once and miss the target; you should spray small, small bursts till your bottle is empty like you are holding an automatic weapon.

Post office and pepper spray

In the late 1980s, post offices started using pepper spray to protect the delivery boys from dogs,though the common belief is that post office carry pepper spray for dogs for decades. The dogs which were aggressive were biting the postal employees who were delivering the house,and due to that, the postal employees did not want to deliver mails to particularhomes.

Police department and pepper spray

In 1990s pepper sprays were domesticated by police and governments to use them in the riots to control crowd and self-defence. Pepper spray can be lethal in a very few case, other than that they are a non-lethal agent. Pepper spray works well with police officers to reduce the exposure to attack.

Effectiveness of the Spray

The main thing is the content of percentage of pepper in the can. The more heat it has, it will be more dangerous. SHU is the unit in which the effectiveness of the spray is measured. The higher the SHU, the more efficient the personal pepper spray is on the skin, nose, mouth etc. You can read the ingredients used in the particular can which is written on the side of the can.  Suppose a can carrying 10% of pepper oil resin product of 500,000 SHU is less effective than a can with 5% pepper oil resin of 1.5 SHU is more effective. Therefore, the heat or kind of the pepper inside the can is what determines the effectiveness of the spray.