A lot of first time parents are very enthusiastic when they are buying anything for their baby. Their excitement is quite palpable when it comes to picking out a stroller for their kid. Many of them simply visit babyinastroller.com to get baby stroller. While others prefer to visit different shops and check out every possible option they have before they zero in on one.

Now most people who are guiding the new parents on how to buy a stroller often talk about safety as an important feature. Almost everybody advises them to never compromise on the safety aspect of a stroller. But the new parents may not really know what features of the stroller contribute to the safety aspect.

So here is a quick list of things that make up for the safety in an infant stroller.

  • Quality of the Frame

The first and foremost thing is the quality of the frame of the stroller. Many companies in their bid to reduce the weight of the stroller and to make it easy for the parent to push and maneuver it use different types of frames. But these frames can be feeble. So, dig deeper into trying to find out what metal is used in the frame of the stroller and how sturdy it is and how much weight in can hold.

  • Center of Gravity

When your toddler is in there, you want it to be comfortable and not feel any jerks or motion. For this you need to check where the center of gravity of the carriage is. If it is right where the baby would be, then the baby would have a joy ride. If the center of gravity is misplaced, the baby may experience discomfort.

  • Quality of Straps

Many stroller carriages have very high quality of cushions to make sure the toddler does not feel any discomfort. However, there are some brands that also provide additional straps in the carriage to hold the toddler in place. These straps are mostly found in jogging strollers. Make sure that these straps are sturdy and not itchy for the baby.

  • Hand Grip

It is also important that you have a very good grip on the stroller when you are maneuvering it around or running in the park. You don’t want sweaty palms to lead to a mishap where you lose your grip and the stroller rolls around on its own. So, check the grip on the handle of the stroller.

  • Weight Distribution

If you are choosing a side by side double stroller, then check for weight distribution. You don’t want the stroller to topple on one side when faced with a bumpy ride.

  • Wheels

Check how sturdy the wheels are of the stroller. If you are option for running stroller then make sure that the wheels are big and the front wheel is jutting out a little. This will help distribute the weight of the baby at the center of gravity and avoid any jerks or toppling instances when you are running.