Your run-of-the-mill hair salon won’t offer the expert precision, technique, and style like that of a barbershop. Many anticipate a lousy haircut when sitting in the sweat-stained styling chairs, but at a barbershop, there’s comfort in knowing that Edward Scissorhands won’t be administering the haircut. If you’re on the hunt for Chicago’s best barbershop, keep an eye out for these telltale signs. Here’s what a professional barbershop offers as compared to standard beauty parlors.

Heightened Expertise

Having mastered the art of cutting hair, barbers are exceptionally trained in their field. From hair types to hairstyles, they know how to serve their diverse clientele. Unlike cosmetologists, barbers provide personalized recommendations rather than generalized solutions. The results they produce support their extensive industry expertise.

A Pampering Experience

Typical haircuts include hurried shampooing and hasty blow-drying. At a barbershop, however, you can indulge a little. From scalp massages to beard trimmings, barbershops ensure that their clients are catered to. Barbers thoroughly enjoy pampering their consumers, and the customers don’t seem to mind either. This added perk makes the experience more luxurious and relaxing.

Comprehensive Training

Cosmetology school is a prerequisite for becoming a beautician, but barbers are required to take additional courses to expand their understandings. Once these requirements have been met, they can go out into the field. With that said, hairdressers don’t hold a candle to barbers. It’s for this reason why barbers are held to a higher standard and exceed expectations rather than meet them.

Quality Hair Products

While at a hair salon, you may be wary of the products being used on your hair and skin. What’s more, most of their styling products are basic. A barber, on the other hand, has an arsenal of top-of-the-line goods at their disposal. After all, a barber is only as good as his hairstyling weaponry. In essence, you don’t have to worry about expired gels or chemical-laden shampoos at a barbershop because all of their products are quality.

Nifty Techniques

Barbers are far from one-trick ponies. Their profound knowledge enables them to employ numerous techniques for varying clients. There’s no cookie-cutter practice they abide by, ensuring that their customers receive results that enhance their personal style and facial structure.


Not all barbershops were created equal, and the establishment you choose is likely rooted in its own individualistic style. Meanwhile, hair salon franchises have the same layout and lack originality. Much like the barbershop itself, the staff are eccentric and make for an overall memorable experience.