Throughout the winter months, a darker fit is constantly a good concept (think navy or charcoal), and when it pertains to a winter months baptism, the same goes. Winter season often tends to be a lot more somber time, so especially if it’s drizzling, we recommend opting for maybe a delicious chocolate or dark grey Steve Harvey Church Suits.

What to Wear to a Summertime Baptism?

A summer season christening is when you can be a bit more enjoyable with color when it involves your attire. While we’re not asking you to use a brilliant yellow fit, we are stating that summer is when you ought to paler greys and stone-colored suiting.

Can You Use Black to A Baptism?

Never. Black needs to be kept to funeral services and work. So simply prevent it.


Maintain your accessories to a minimum; you do not wish to get strange appearances from the infant’s grandma. The same goes with shoes; this isn’t a fancy-dress scene, so just stay with soft tones and stay clear of color. In the winter avoid wearing shoes made from suede, you never recognize when it may begin to chuck down. Use footwear that you wish to impress; you understand the ones you put on to that interview or your close friend’s wedding. If you’re connected to the baby, chances are you’re going to be meeting a lot of elderly family members.

A tie is not strictly required, particularly when it concerns the summer. Also, in the winter one isn’t necessary, but once again this depends on the preference of the hosts as well as if they have said how official the event is.

Three Ways to Dress for A Baptism

  • Never use black – it’s not a funeral.

  • Grey is a wonderful color, choose a woolen or Prince of Wales check.

  • Navy is additionally a good alternative, absolutely nothing too over the top.

  • In summer, go with a lighter colored suit, rock or tan is great, and you do not require to put on a tie.