Do you work in a place where rest of the people wear ties and you don’t?

Maybe it is time for you to buy a good Penguins Tie and wear it whenever you go to your office. Maybe it is time for you to take your dressing sense more seriously. No – we don’t mean any offense to the kind of clothes you wear right now, but if you spice it up with a tie, there is nothing that you can’t achieve in your life, with respect to your career.

In fact, if you ask us, we would always say wearing a tie to work is very important. Wondering why?

Firstly, a tie makes you look serious about your work. Even if your colleagues are not wearing a tie, and if your superiors allow you to wear one, you should go ahead and wear it. It is like attracting a better designation and position through your clothes. If your personality looks good and the superiors feel you are serious about your job, you are going to get promoted in no time at all.

Secondly, a tie prepares you for supervising others around you. If you are being promoted, you might want the others to think of a level up for you. Since the then colleagues are now going to be juniors to you and you’d have to manage them, being their manager, you have to let your clothes do the talking. This is where a good tie comes into the picture. You let your then colleagues know that your position at work is now different, even though you all are still friends outside the company.

Lastly, a tie is a part of formal clothing. If you prefer formal clothing at work, you might want to toss the suit with a tie.