The suit was conceived in the early 19th century during the clothing revolution. Since then, it has become a fashion essential. When it is tailored right, it oozes class and helps masks things like short legs, droopy shoulders, and long arms.

Custom suits are professional, sleek, and made exclusively for you. Adding a made to measure suit to your wardrobe means having a closet that you can always rely on for different situations, which include interviews, work, and special occasions.

Read further to learn more about the pros of investing in custom suits and ways to make sure that you choose the perfect apparel for you.

3 Benefits of Custom Suits

1. Quality is a priority

Off-the-rack clothing does not prioritize quality. These garments are usually mass produced through industrial machines. On the contrary, custom suits have been through the hands of knowledgeable tailors who value precision and quality. These pros can make all the necessary adjustments on the spot while searching for any inconsistencies. Also, they follow the recommended stitches per inch, keeping the fabric long-lasting.

Moreover, you have the option to choose fabrics, such as blended natural fibers, artificial fibers, wool, silk, or cotton before the process commences. This means that you can get the right clothing that works best for your environment to get maximum comfort.

2. Get a perfect fit

The key to showing off your body is having the perfect fit. For many men, this matters a lot because having a healthy and fit body is an attractive asset. And this is the main goal of custom made clothing. It is adjusted to your own measurements while giving you enough comfort and ease. You won’t feel any extreme looseness or tightness that can lower your self-confidence.

Having your suit custom made means that you will get one that is well-adjusted to certain aspects like the length of the sleeves, the ease in the neck area, and any additional body length if you are a bit taller. It is for this reason that you must know your body type. The aim of custom suits is to dress the body that you have at present and not the one that you’ll expect after weeks of following a diet and exercise plan.

In the event that you’re not in great shape, don’t worry! Experienced tailors will make one that highlights your best features, diverting attention from your body parts that are less flattering.

3. Save time and effort

Finding the best suit may be time-consuming and difficult, depending on your specific tastes and requirements. You can end up going from one shop to another during an entire day and still not find a suit that best fits you.

But with custom suits, a great tailor will determine what you need and create it in the soonest possible time. Making an appointment will be easy also, and a fitting won’t consume much time. Everything will be customizable, from the type of fabric to the precise cut.

Moreover, your suit can be made quickly so you can pick it up whenever you need it. All you have to do is to inform your tailor when you need it so they can fix their schedule, especially if they have plenty of customers. There may be some final modifications once you try it out, but this will make sure that you get the perfect fit and best quality.

3 Tips for Buying Custom Suits

1. Learn the language

Choosing a suit is more than just going to the tailor. The key to getting the best suits is to learn and understand the tailoring lingo.

Bespoke suits have the highest price tag because the pattern is made from scratch. Made-to-measure suits, on the other hand, take less money and time because the suit will be cut from a specific pattern and altered for your measurements.

2. Choose a tailor wisely

Tailors create custom suits in different ways. So make sure to book for a consultation first with all the tailors you are considering before taking the plunge with custom suits. Take this opportunity to ask about their approach, methods, and preferred style.

Take note that custom tailoring is about giving you the right proportions and posture. So make sure to work with a tailor that takes note of your figuration. A tailor that can figure out your body’s quirks is a great choice.

3. Choose the right fabric

Today, there are plenty of fabrics to choose from. Don’t get tempted by how a fabric feels because this does not guarantee that the suit is made of high-quality materials. Instead, ask your tailor about the materials of each fabric. Ideally, choose fabrics that have higher thread counts and are sourced from a reputable location. Stay away from anything that appears questionable.

Indeed, custom suits are excellent investments and timeless addition to your closet. Since they are made exclusively for your body, you can definitely wear them with elegance and confidence. But to reap out these benefits, make sure to have your suits tailored only by an experienced, reputable tailor.


AlphaSuit is the brainchild of Master Haberdasher, Sean McKee. Over a span of more than two decades, Sean has provided custom suits to some of the most successful leaders in America. With AlphaSuit, he now brings this same premium service to you, but at 60-70% less than the traditional price.