Since the invention of watches man has always valued them as an essential accessory to complement their look. Their love affair with the watches is a well-established fact. Men consider the wrist watches as a sophisticated piece of accessory that latch on to their wrist. Over the time, that watch industry has shown enormous revolution, and now there are multiple varieties of watches are available in the market. You would find the analogue watch, digital watch, chronographic watch, diving watch, sports watch, smartwatch and so on.


Analogue Watches

Among all these types of watches, the analogue watch holds a special place in every man’s heart. They are refined, sophisticated and classic in their approach. The analogue watch is the best accessory to complement a gentlemen’s personality. In this type of watch, the three hands present on the face of the watch represent the time. The word analogue is now restricted strictly to its display system. Most of the analogue watches now available in the market are driven by digital technology. They are powered by a battery which needs to be replaced from time to time. If you wish to shop for some exclusive designer analogue watches for yourself, then you can go through the link given here:


Why are Analogue Watches Preferred over the Digital ones?

The analogue watches are more popular among the gentlemen than their digital counterpart. The men considered them more classic and refined than the digital wrist watches. Now let us look at the reasons which made the analogue watches a favourite among the men.


      Classic and Stylish

The analogue watches are classic and stylish. They have a beauty of their own. The three hands on the face of the watch make it look exquisite. The analogue watch is quite simple, so they do not require much maintenance other than the timely replacement of the battery. They are always in demand in the watch industry, and this is the reason you would find new additions to the analogue version of watches by the prime watch manufacturing companies. Every year corporate giants like Titan, Fossil, Timex, Tissot employ the best talent in the industry and invest thousands of dollars for the research and development of the analogue watch so that they can craft a masterpiece.

      The Analogue Watches are Durable

Durability is one more factor where the analogue watch beats all the other variants by a considerable margin. Since the analogue watch does not have any complications in their technology, they last over an extended period. In many cases we find men using analogue watches gifted by someone special almost a decade ago. These watches are easy to maintain as well. When dust or water drops accidentally enter the case of the watch it is quite easy to open it up and clean it. Any local watch shop can do the job for you. Unlikely, in case of chronograph or smartwatch, you need to send the watch to company expert to fix them up.


      The Analogue Watch Keeps the Brain Functional

In case of an analogue watch, you need to register the time by determining the position of the hour and minute hands of the watch. It keeps the faculties of your brain in function. In this digital world, it is better not to surrender oneself entirely to it. Your mind is like a machine; unless you oil it regularly, it will not remain functional.


So, these were the 3 important reasons which make the analogue watch more preferable than the digital one. If you wish to check out the latest collection of analogue watches, you can log in to the website of Fynd, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Fossil, Titan, etc.