Fashion designers are those creative souls who create a piece of art in day to day fashion by sheer use of their creativity and hard work. Often, we mistook them for those glamorous beings who lead lavish lives in the company of beautiful models. Actually speaking, their professionalism does require them to be a part of the dazzling fashion world hobnobbing with models and the rich and famous. The fact about fashion designers is that they are simple individuals who sweat day and night to create something that will make them known and famous.

The fashion trends keep changing at a rapid pace and these poor souls need to keep adapting to every change. There are few things that any person who aspires to become a fashion designer needs to know.

A Creative Aptitude: This is a God-gifted skill that no designing course can teach you. You can hone your skill, but cannot create one. To be a successful fashion designer, you need to have an artistic vision and be able to create something spectacular using it. The creation should not only be unique, stylish, and in trend but also practical and offer value for money. Designing designer sarees, Bollywood sarees or anything else is a natural talent for people with interest in fashion designing.


Technically Sound: In today’s world, a creative aptitude and attitude alone would not suffice. You should be able to use the technology available to express your ideas through illustrations both in physical and virtual format. This will help to explain your thought process to your team and will also help in refining the ideas.

Capture the Pulse: To understand the pulse of both the industry and the consumer is a must. To keep abreast of the latest trends, to keep a tab on what the fellow designers are up to and have a commercial awareness about what will sell are all necessary things that a designer should know.

Teamwork: To be successful is not a single person’s job. You need to have strong networking with models, suppliers, should be in tune with the marketing team and the distributors to be really successful.

Right from the concept in the mind to getting the final product to the consumer, everything requires multistage processing. A good and successful designer is one who can find the right balance between his skill set and taking help in areas where he/she lacks.