You need to take a good care of your nails on a regular basis because getting a manicure is not sufficient to keep them healthy. Busy women can opt for short nail designs. Here are some natural tips, which will keep your nails healthy.

Keep your fingernails clean and dry

There are many problems, which starts with germs and bacteria. You need to make sure that you do not provide a conducive environment to bacteria and germs to breed. Keeping your nails clean means that no dirt is accumulated under your nails. This will minimize the chances of getting bacterial infection. You do not need to overdo it because soaking your nails in water for long durations may bring the problem of split nails.

You need to do the dishes regularly in your home. In this situation, it is imperative to protect your fingernails by wearing gloves. Make sure that the skin around the nails is clean and dry. In order to wash your nails, you can take a toothbrush and apply salt on it. Scrub your nails with this. It will help you clean the skin and nails in a gentle manner.

Stop biting your nails

You may be aware that biting your nails can cause more damage than any other thing. When your nails come in continuous contact with your saliva, this makes your nails pathetic. Your nails will become weak and brittle and they will lose their shine. It is also harmful for your cuticles. Other than this, putting your fingers in your mouth will transmit the germs to your mouth. People who have a habit of putting their fingers in their mouth are advised to use a nail paint, which smells bad. This will help you stop biting your nails and soon you will be able to kill your old habit of biting nails. Women who do not have longer nails can go for short nail designs,as there are plenty of designs in it.

Tame your cuticles

Cuticlesare ruptured easily because they are delicate. Taking care of your cuticles is an important part of your nail care. In case people have some even skin around your nail, they need to handle it carefully. Trim it carefully so that it may not cause pain. It is imperative to massage your cuticles at a regular basis. You can apply almond oil, coconut oil to nourish them.

Wear gloves for protection

You wash clothes quite often, this involves detergents and other chemicals. Exposure to them will harm your nails. Moreover, if you do other household chores, then wear gloves to protect your nails.