Picking up the jewellery with the right gold ornaments designs can be intimidating for the teenagers. Girls often get confused about what to choose and not. From pretty to elegant, and delicate to bold, everything seems to be a little perplexing.

To cater to such confusions, here is a quirky guideline for all the teenagers to adorn their free-spirited soul & body.

Shop bracelets

Adding a gold bracelet to an outfit is an easy way to pique interest among the beholders. A startling number of teen fashionistas in India are going frenzied over the variant types golden bracelet. So, it’s time to ditch the fact that gold ornament designs are traditional and fall short to match the latest trends.

For instance, a hipster teen of 18 who loves to wear western can pair up her dresses with a traditional golden bracelet.

How about wearing a cute little black dress with an intricately designed golden bracelet? Well, the enduring style will surely lock the fashion police. So, tweens and teens, shop bracelets if you love something classy yet subtle, gorgeous yet elegant!

Go for tiny personalised necklaces

A golden necklace is always in vogue regardless of the design because it is timeless. Pair up a necklace with a contemporary touch and flaunt the décolleté for the next wedding. However, the ones who prefer minimalistic can go for a thin chain with pendant. Indeed a great choice to avoid overdoing.

Layering two or more gold necklaces is also an appropriate way to rock the western dress like gown or shift dress this season. The ending note is- whatever you don, accessorise the outfit with a customised gold necklace to have redefined look.

Jhumkas are tiny blessings

Last few years, Indian jewellers have witnessed a surge in jhumka sell. Not to mention, since time immemorial wearing jhumkas have been a much-admired fashion statement by women. Teens are no far behind!

Add an extra ‘oomph’ factor to any contemporary or traditional look by picking up a pair of rustic golden jhumkas. Girls who love something beyond the usual will surely love Kashmiri jhumkas with a regal touch. On the other hand, the teens who drool over the chunky jewellery will inevitably fall for ‘hoop’ jhumkas.

Look spellbound and rock any appearance with a stunning looking pair of jhumkas. Not to worry, though inherently ethnic, these aptly complements Indo-western wears.

Rings to play with

Golden rings with proper designs can add a new dimension to any teen’s fashion sense. Reputable jewellers offer handcrafted designs of rings to accolade any look for any occasion. For example, a great golden cocktail ring makes a fantastic match for every western outfit.

Then again, a golden ring depicting Indian motifs & culture renders an unexpected grace and glitter to a teen’s treasure trove. By the way, an oversized ring is also a great investment.

So, with proper gold ornament designs and jewellery, teens too can surely have their own classic and customised fashion statement to look nothing but the best.