It’s not uncommon for guys to think that skincare is something women need to worry about. After all, some soap, a washcloth, and body lotion have done the trick thus far – right? That is until they start having skin problems of their own. Razor bumps, red spots, irritation, dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles, lines, and a host of other things go wrong leaving them desperate to find a solution. Though some learn how to treat their skin better without an issue, others make mistakes that could easily be prevented. If you’ve experienced some skin imperfections, chances are you’re making one of these common mistakes listed below:

  • You’re Not Using Skincare Products at All – Again, it’s not uncommon to think that skincare products are only for women, but men need them too. Skincare lines that use all-natural ingredients like aloe, vitamin a, c, e, and beta glucan for your skin are ideal for enhancing your natural glow. It also reduces the signs of aging giving you healthier looking skin. If you don’t have a facial cleanser and moisturizer designed specifically for men’s skin, you need to invest in some products right away.
  • You Don’t Have Quality Shaving Products – It may be a common assumption that the quality of the razor you choose to shave with doesn’t matter as long as it shaves. Yet, the wrong shaving equipment could do a lot more than leave you with unwanted stubble. The wrong razor can lead to bumps, burns, scrapes, cuts, and even breakouts. The perfect manscaping kit should definitely include a quality electric razor, trimmers, shaving cream, aftershave, tweezers, and other equipment to ensure your shaves come out clean every time.
  • You Don’t Do Much to Protect Your Skin from the Sun – sunscreen is not just for hot babes or dudes on the beach wanting to get a tan, nor is it simply something that you use in the summer when the sun is the hottest. The sun might feel great beating down on your skin, but the longer you’re exposed to it, the more damage can occur. From sunburn and sore spots to rapid signs of aging and even skin cancer, there’s a lot that could happen. Using sunscreen and taking other small steps can protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen should be worn all year long. However, it is not enough to just get any sunscreen, you should be looking for products that have SPF 30 protection or higher. It should be applied to all exposed areas every day. You should also be wearing other protective gear like sunglasses and hats.

Are you guilty of any of the above common skincare mistakes made by men? If you are, don’t be ashamed as you’re certainly not alone. You can make some simple changes that will ultimately produce positive results. Invest in skincare products with all-natural ingredients for your skin type, purchase quality shaving equipment and use proper techniques, and protect your skin from the sun at all times. In doing these three things it shouldn’t be long before you start loving the skin you’re in.