When photographers work with models, they would expect them to not only have a great physique, but to also have perfect skin. However, this is not always what happens. There are a lot of instances where models do not have an idea of what exactly they are supposed to do to prepare for a shoot. That can be quite inconvenient though especially since this might mean that post-production would require a lot of retouching to be done.  

Retouching can be quite a tough task for photographers to do since it east quite a lot of time to get done. One way for models to be prepared for photo shoots set by their modelling agency is to be aware of the things that they are supposed to do first before showing up. Not only will they have a happy photographer snapping their pictures away, they will appear professional too. Below are some of the things that you can do to be all set and ready for that shoot.

Even and healthy skin

Skin can take a long time to clean up and retouch during post-production. This is why sin that is healthy, skin, and even can really make a whole lot of difference. Making sure that you will sleep eight hours of every night is a good way of getting great skin not getting enough sleep can lead to bad-looking, unhealthy skin with wrinkles, fine lines, along with a lacklustre glow. If you are the kind that drinks alcohol and goes out the night before a big shoot, then be prepared to see some red spots on your face when you get to the studio.

Acne can also be a real issue among models as well. If you suffer from acne, making sure that you use moisturiser twice a day for at least a week is usually helpful. Also, if you happen to live somewhere that the location is sunny, be very extra careful with tanning as they can be quite a challenge to correct post-production especially when snapping pictures of lingerie or swimwear.

Smooth lips

Another annoying problem that needs fixing post production is dry lips. There are even many times when there is just nothing that can be done to make it appear more appealing. This is why models should take extra steps to care for their lips. Putting a balm on your lips regularly is always a good practice.

Body hair war

While a lot may consider body hair to be trendy today, but these are just things that will make the work of a photograph harder in the fashion world. Facial hair, the unwanted kind, needs to be removed. One does have to make sure not to do it the night before the shoot though as this may cause the skin to still be smart and red.

Well-rested eyes

Models need to take extra steps in making sure that they have healthy looking eyes during a photo shoot. Blood-shot peepers are never going to look good in a photograph. The same is true with dark circles under the eyes. So, having a full night’s rest before a shoot is always recommended.

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