Well, a number of people mention the right way to choose a body harness. But, this involves a lot of study and analysis. Below here are some questions you should ask before purchasing body harnesses.

Will you use this harness or you just buying it for sex purpose?

Different harnesses are meant for different purpose. Once your purpose is clear, you can narrow down the list. Underwear style harnesses can be comfortably worn for public wear while jockstrap style offers a great fit in the bedroom.

Are you looking for something feminine or casual for you?

Well, you have plentiful options to choose from right from lacy, satin to rough and tough leather one.

Are you going to use it frequently or once in a while?

The cost of a harness ranges somewhere between $15 to $250 dollars depending on the material, quality and craftsmanship. So, if you are just going to use it for a one night fun, then you should choose an inexpensive product, but if you are going to use it on a frequently basis, then choose a durable harness, say leather.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing and using body harnesses:

At the time of purchase

Do not be afraid to buy something new and exciting. It is important to check out the minutest details online and call the customer care to come for your help. When purchasing online, make sure you check out the size chart and know if the harness is going to be a hit. A lot of stores have sizing guidelines which you can follow. A good fit brings all the difference with your harness.

Before sex

Though you may feel a little awkward in trying something new, but a little adventure and excitement is always great for sex. You are going to feel the energy channelizing in your body once you don something exciting like body harness. Make your partner comfortable and get comfy along with him before starting the action.

Start the business

Start casual. You don’t have to commence with a complete Kama Sutra night in one go. Do not go for any unique style which is difficult to maneuver. If you want then you can go for something like cowgirl or doggy style which is simpler to try.

It is important to guide the harness wearer. Make them know if they are doing it right or not and remember it is something new and hence you should mix patience with pleasure.

Cleanliness of harness

It is very essential to clean the harness after using it to avoid bacterial infection and STDs. Cloth harness can be washed in washing machine, while the leather harness should be cleaned with water and soft detergent.

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