What is the spring holiday most women want to look gorgeous for? Easter, of course. The highlight of any Easter outfit is the hat or bonnet which is usually a church hat especially suited to your beautiful outfit. It can be a bright pastel or have a fun pattern. So, let’s take a look at the hat trends for womens easter hats for spring 2019 in order to determine which is the perfect one to complete your Easter Sunday outfit this year.

Veiled Hats

A veil can add a bit of drama to any style spring hat including pillboxes and fascinators. The alluring eye appeal of a veil adds fantastic artistry to the spring hats of 2019.

Veils gave Rodarte’s soft white hats coupled with flowers a delicately romantic touch. The hats of Rodarte flashed many different colors such as pink, red tones, purple, light grey, blue, and green.

Another outstanding example of spring hats was the wide-brimmed ones of Simone Rocha. Rocha placed veil overlays in several different colors on hats trimmed in black and white.

Wide Brim Hats

The wide brim hats have been a trend for all seasons. Therefore, these hats are a popular trend for spring 2019 due to their being a style that is flattering and so comfortable it is easy to wear.

Wide brim hats were shown on the Saint Laurent runway in vibrant color shades and adorned with headbands. Of all the colors of these hats, the most eye-catching ones were bright red.

The wide brim hats of Valentino were both light and oversized. A sufficient amount of portable shade is provided by the Valentino wide brim hats.

Several chic choices of wide brim hats were shown on the runways of Dolce &Gabbana.

The brim of this hat is said to be floppy because it has a lot of flexibility.

This floppy wide brim hat designed by Giorgio Armani received a lot of attention at the spring runway.

Pillbox Hat

Pillbox hats have been around since the 1960s when Jacqueline Kennedy began the trend. For spring 2019, it is again a popular trend. It is a perfect hat to complete an Easter Sunday outfit. The pillbox trend is slightly modified for this year with a thin headband, and it is also worn with a little tilt.

Wearing any of these hats to your next Easter event can help you stand out in style.