The concept of bridesmaid is very ancient. During Roman times women used to dress up like the bride just to confuse the evil spirits. They served a purpose that was more than being just pawns. Apart from that, they were also present to support the bride on the day or her wedding.

However, this perception has changed and now the bridesmaid are just more than attendants. They stay with bride but still the tension remains inside the mind because they do not know what dress their friend is choosing. Seriously, bridesmaid dress selection remained so bad earlier. It is not the fault of the bride because ruffles, laces and furbelows made then look like old prom characters.

Fortunately, the bridal industry has changed a lot. Nowadays, small couples plan formal weddings, destination and beach weddings and due to this the burgundy bridesmaid dresses have become informal and modern.

What to actually look for?

It is clear that nowadays being bridesmaid is not as problematic as it was earlier. Now, the bride to be is very considerable because they want their bridesmaid to compliment with them. They just select the color and rest of the work is done by the bridesmaid.

Style of the dress-

When it is about formal wear then women find it harder. In these apparels women have to be specific about the measurements and cuts because these will help in getting a perfect dress that will actually make them look beautiful. The dress must always flatter on the figure. There are eight popular silhouettes that can be selected and this is the most common issues while shopping for formal dresses.

A line is being preferred the most because its design can easily go with different body shapes. From short and curvy to tall and lanky women everyone will feel comfortable in A line dress. If still there are issues regarding the shape and size then take the help from a local salon that deal with bridal stuff.

Hemline is worthy-

The bride to be will not be blunt on this occasion but still hemline has to be considered. Floor length dress were popular in indoor ceremonies and were top rated formal dresses but now tea length have replaced them especially when it’s about hemline. But extremely short silver mother of the bride dresses are actually inappropriate and this must be remembered always.

There are strapless dresses as well but let the bridesmaid confirm if she is comfortable in it. If the answer is “no” then just follow the simple and general rule.

Finding a dress is never easy but it is very important that the attendant must look good in it. So better find out what is the expectation of the bridesmaid and then move ahead.