Looking fashionable is not about purchasing the latest fashion clothes that are trending but buying the right clothes depending upon the features your body possess. Not everyone has the similar body type and hence a similar pattern might not look nice on everybody. There is nothing to be disheartened about it. One needs to love the body type one possesses and then find the right clothes to flaunt the curves and features. Women are meant to be curvy. It is the curves that make them attractive and hence running after losing weight and attaining zero size just to fit in to the latest fashion must only be done when one feels like doing it whole heartedly.

There are various brands that sell clothes that fit every body type. One can go to the retail shops, malls or shop online for the latest fashions and try them on and then make the final purchase. But the same thing is not possible when it comes to buying underwear and other under garments. Brands do not sell such items on exchange features so as to maintain hygiene and other reasons as well. Hence, purchasing the right size is important at the very first go. Every person is somewhat aware of the sizes one has been wearing and hence the choice of size becomes easy.

But women inner wears are a lot more complicated when compared to men’s. There are various designs, patterns, colours, shapes, cup sizes, cuts, ties etc. to choose from. Also, there is a different design to go with different outfit. For example- the strapless c cup bra go well with off shoulder dresses and tees while the sports bra are good to be wore while exercising or running.

Lace bras and panties are good for the dresses that are somewhat transparent to give it an edgy look and above all what matters is, the inner wears one chooses must be really comfortable even after being of the right size. Sometimes women choose wrong cup sizes or bras size that is either large or small than the exact one and this can have various side effects. Studies also say that wearing the wrong sized bra is a leading cause of breast cancer in women and hence it is ultimately important to not compromise with the right size in order to remain intact with the latest fashion.

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