Well, the question seems not appropriate. It misses a lot of points in a real sense.

Let’s take some examples:

  • A girl who used to love a lot of parties is making a change in her lifestyle, but still, there are lots of attractive clothes in her wardrobe. Can’t she go to the church?
  • The low-income family, they can’t even meet the ends meet, but they are very religious, and they want to go to the church. Can’t they go to the church?
  • The person is sick and can’t even think of using the using his laundry machine. He calls his friend who helps him in a car to go to the church, as he doesn’t want to miss the Sunday Morning Congregations. Should he be not allowed to enter the church?

The fact is that if you wear the nicest clothing, you aren’t going to be a better Christian. It won’t make you holier. The truth is that when you go wearing an attractive dress before a person who can’t afford such a dress, would make them feel uncomfortable, and which is not holy at all.

So, can you go wearing anything to the Church?

Are you doing it to show or you are doing it as you can’t afford? You can go to a party wearing the smartest dress, you can go to any good events preparing your clothing and styles from even more than one week back or a month, but when it comes to God, you are not willing to do so. Is it right? You are only lazy for your churchgoing events and in other events you do your best to make you look the best.

That person who couldn’t because of a reason is one story, and the person who doesn’t want to wear Giovanna Church Suits is another story. It clearly means that they don’t respect Churchgoers and the Pastor. They just love them and only want them to be happy. Guess God taught us the other way.

“With humility of mind… esteem others as more important than yourself” (Philippians 2:3-6).