Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have: one of the greatest tips to consider when selecting appropriate workplace attire. While dressing up for work may be fun, it can easily turn into an expensive and tedious task without an effective plan in place. With this in mind, let’s go over how to put such a plan together.

Common Business Attire Guidelines

  1. Invest in key pieces. Using your savings, credit cards, or an installment loan you can get to buy work clothes means spending the money wisely. It is a better idea to have a small wardrobe that is full of quality clothing than a larger wardrobe that consists of clothing that doesn’t fit or is cheaply made. Spending more on pieces that you can easily mix and match, like skirts and blazers, is a wise choice because they can be used to create a plethora of unique outfits.
  2. Keep your wardrobe simple. The more pieces you have in your wardrobe the more difficult it is to decide on daily outfits. Stick with neutral pieces and accentuate with bold statement-worthy jewelry or shoes.

  3. Never buy items that are full-priced from a department store. When working with a budget, it just isn’t possible to go into a designer store and purchase an entirely new wardrobe. You can find great items and consignment stores, thrift stores, and other retail stores, like T.J. Maxx.
  4. Try out online shopping. You can find some great deals online by hitting unique web-based sales and tapping into online-only discounts. Many online retailers also offer free shipping with minimum purchase requirements. Using social media to make connections with individuals or stores offering great deals on gently-used workplace attire is also a great idea.
  5. Sell clothes in your current wardrobe that you don’t wear to purchase new ones. Investing in a new wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. Offset some of these costs by selling your own gently-worn clothes online or at a consignment store.

  6. Always wear tailored clothing when possible. Not only do well-fitting clothes last longer, but they also give an overall appearance of being put together. Conservative colors and fabrics are always in style, so make the investment to get these wardrobe staples tailored.

How to Afford an Impressive Corporate Wardrobe

Building a corporate workplace wardrobe can be a major investment. While you can always set money aside to update your wardrobe or sell clothes that you no longer wear, sometimes this simply isn’t enough. Another option that many individuals may not have considered is investing in an installment loan you can get for buying work-appropriate clothing. While there are many pros and cons for this financing method, it is important to consider the end result that a professional wardrobe can illicit. Investing in yourself and dressing well for your dream job can open other doors that you may have never thought possible. A wardrobe that is comprised of a mix of affordable clothing and more upscale options is a versatile and economical option.

While it is important not to go into debt to purchase work attire if it is not absolutely necessary, some individuals may not have any other options. It is impossible to invest in quality clothing without a job, yet it is difficult to obtain your dream job with cheap, worn clothing. Consider investing in yourself with high-quality clothing to make your outside feel as good as your inside when landing your ultimate career.