A christening is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a baby that should be memorable for family and friends. Selecting a dress should be an unforgettable experience for those involved. Within a family, christening dresses can be the beginning of a new tradition or a continuation of an existing ritual so the choice will partially be based on individual taste. However, the dress selection is also based on a variety of important factors, as listed below:


One of the most important selection elements is budget. There are numerous styles, designs, materials and accessories to fit all types of budget. The best deals are found at online retailers who provide stress-free and convenient shopping. Christening dresses can also be found in brick-and-mortar department stores and specialty shops in a variety of sizes and types.


If you live in a warm or humid environment, you do not want your child to become overheated in church which can be a stressful experience for you and the baby. If the climate is cool, you want to ensure your baby remains warm and comfortable during the ceremony. For hot weather, opt for short sleeves and lighter fabrics like silk or cotton. In the colder months, consider long sleeves with heavier materials. Remember, an uncomfortable baby is not a happy baby!


Many cultures like to incorporate their heritage into the dress. For instance, there are specialized Irish dresses. Celtic gowns are typically made from Irish cotton or linen and have small details; such as gold trim, shamrocks, Claddagh and Celtic crosses woven into the dress.

Garment Type

There are three types of christening dresses:


The casual dress is a simple and elegant option that includes clean and crisp lines. These dresses are shorter than the more formal choice. Casual gowns are typically constructed from a combination of organza, satin and tulle and often have some detailing with simple smocking.


The modern christening dress is comprised of cotton or satin fabric with some detailing as well.


The traditional dress is much more formal than the others and fabricated from organza, satin or silk. These dresses are longer and have many details such as embroidery, fine lace and appliques. If you want to pass down the dress, the traditional style is the best option.


Most denominations of Christianity feature a dedication ceremony. In many cases, the christening dress is designed in accordance with the faith. Therefore, considering the symbolism of the dress, the religious requirements should be a priority. Some religions require the dress to be a shade of white while others permit pastels and cream colors. Other acceptable colors include baby pink, mint green and pale peach.

There are many factors in selecting a christening dress that must be considered and fall within your budget. Look online to find a variety of designs, materials and details at a price point that falls within your budget.