We all love a good pair of sunglasses, that’s a fact. Sunnies, glasses, gogs, whatever you want to call them, most of the time they do a cracking job of protecting our eyes from dangerous UV rays whilst looking great. Chosen well, they can also compliment your outfit or enhance your face shape, but chosen badly they do none of these, and can make you look like a berk. Happily, we’re here to bring you some top tips on how to choose the right pair.

Firstly, make sure they match your style. If you have a signature look that is suave and sophisticated, don’t go and choose a brash, neon pair designed for beach bums, and avoid novelty sunglasses altogether. This should be obvious. Secondly, know where to wear them. Don’t wear them on cloudy days, in the evening or, god forbid, indoors. You’re not a rapper (most likely), and it’s just something that shouldn’t be done. They are called sunglasses for a reason, and you should wear them when it’s sunny!

Thirdly, and most importantly, choose a pair that suits your face shape. You might not be able to pull off that snazzy pair of Lacoste sunglasses you’ve been eyeing up, but you’ll just have to deal with that. Generally, squarer face types suit rounder frames, rounder faces squarer types, with much inbetween. There are lots of websites that can help you with this, from style mags like GQ to sunglasses sites themselves.

Lastly, not many people know that sunglasses came in different sizes, so make sure you get a pair that fits. On most good pairs the arm length, bridge width and lens width will be noted, so make sure you get ones that fit! A good tip is to visit an optician or higher end sunglasses shop and have yourself measured. Even if it costs you a bit to do so, you’ll then have the measurements for future purchases, and you’ll know they’re right.