Handbags and other leather accessories have become a hot necessity for us today. And it is all thanks to the ladies on our planet. Tote bags is one of the oldest players in the market. Simply put it’s a large carry bag with handles on both sides facing parallel to each other. Today tote bags have evolved from basic canvas holding bags to high-end luxury bags in a world of shapes, sizes and textures.

Not all that glitters are leather:

A common misconception is that all leather tote bags are automatically deemed high quality only because there are made of leather agreed leather is a high and quality product better than its textile counterparts. The market is filled today with many inferior quality leather products. When it comes to determining the best quality leather products one should keep the following tips in mind.

When it comes to handbags, cowhide leather is the best available option. If you prefer handbags with a soft feel or texture lambskin leather is for you. The best quality leather comes in full green or top grain. In contrast to this, corrected grain, buckskin, patent and split leather or other commonly available options. However, these are not very high when it comes to quality.

Good craftsmanship is the difference:

Good quality leather is not the only determinant of a leather bag. Craftsmanship plays an important part as well. Usage of brass zippers adds more durability to the fastening mechanism of the bag. Heavy gauge bonded nylon thread that has been in use since World war 2 offers improved longevity to the joints. Last but not the least handcrafted leather bags are the best. The polishing is done manually. So, no rough edges! Following these little tips will ensure you get to choose only the best of the best leather bags.