The unopened pure wholesale maple syrup can be stored up in a cool and dark place for about 2 years. After opening, it would last for one year, if it is refrigerated.  The pure wholesale maple syrup would not freeze, in case that it was properly made. So, freezer is found to be the good place to keep it almost indefinitely. If you fail to store it properly, then harmful moldy toxins are developed inside it. Remove the syrup from the freezer and enable it to become warm at room temperature before serving. When it comes to warming, microwave works well for maple syrup. With the help of a microwave safe container, you can heat the syrup at a high temperature for about 30 to 60 seconds based upon the power level of your heating system and how cold the syrup is.Related image

If you are trying to do a baked recipe and want to make use of maple syrup instead of sugar, you should utilize ¾ cup of pure maple syrup for one cup of granulated sugar. You should also reduce the prevailing liquid by three tablespoons in the recipe for every cup of maple syrup utilized. Remember always that making use of maple syrup rather than sugar would give your recipe a brownish tinge and of course, the baked goods turn brown more rapidly because of the high sugar content. In terms of general cooking, put 3/4th of maple syrup like sugar. If you are substituting maple syrup in the place of honey, then use 1:1 ratio. If you find yourself difficult with no maple syrup, you could also try mock maple syrup as a substitution, but don’t anticipate it to come closer to the real taste.