No one wants to retain unwanted hair on his or her body because it can be a nuisance. The beauty of it is that there are various methods that you can use to remove unwanted hair from your body and avoid the embarrassments. Each hair removal method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Shaving is the cheapest procedure for removing unwanted hair. You need to use a sharp-edged blade to remove unwanted hair from the surface of your skin. However, this method can pose a lot of danger if you don’t carry it out in an appropriate manner. Some of the side effects of shaving are razor burns, nicks, and cuts. You also risk ingrown hairs, redness, razor bumps and even swelling. You can use a wet razor to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body except the female face. The challenge is that shaving results can only take you for a day.

The other convenient and inexpensive method of removing unwanted hair from the body is using a depilatory or hair removal lotion or cream. The procedure is not only simple but also fast. The harsh chemicals dissolve all the hairs that are on the surface of the skin. The treatment can be dangerous if you don’t do it correctly. The primary challenge with this procedure is that the harsh chemicals can burn your skin. The other cons are that the process is messy and stinks. Don’t use depilatories in the pubic region as they can lead to severe skin irritations. The results can last you for up to three weeks.

The next hair removal method on the line is waxing. The costing of this treatments depends on whether you are doing it from a reputable aurora waxing salon or at home. It produces excellent results that are longer than any other temporary technique of removing unwanted hair. However, expect some pain as you pool the wax and hair from the skin. However, you can use a topical numbing gel or spray an hour before you go for the treatment to reduce the pain. The other waxing side effects are ingrown hairs and redness. You can apply waxing on any part of the body.

Apart from the above temporary methods of removing unwanted hair, we also have permanent approaches. One of these techniques is electrolysis even though it is quite a time consuming and expensive process. The aesthetician inserts a fine needle into the individual hair follicle and shocks them with a chemical or current. The process has the highest intensity of pain, and you have to apply a topical anesthetic before the procedure.  You can carry out this treatment on a weekly or monthly basis for one year before you get permanent results. The common side effects of electrolysis are scarring, pinpoint, and swelling but you can use it on any part of the body.

Finally, we have the laser technology that is the most expensive and advanced method. The hair removal expert uses laser light focus to damage the hair follicles. The pain that comes from the Laser technology is high but can’t reach the heights of electrolysis. The good thing about Laser is that it is a swift treatment. You can use this technique to remove a massive amount of hair from the body. Some of the side effects of this method are swelling and redness, but you can use it to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. You will get permanent results after taking several laser treatments.