You might have noticed that there are always Tibetan bowls for sale. This is due to the undying interest of people to balance their chakra with the use of these singing bowls. There are many uses with the singing bowls that you can take advantage of. You may have been told that they are magical or spiritual. Meanwhile, you have people that simply like their aesthetic and the vibration that they bring in an otherwise dull room.

Balancing the Frequencies

There is actually a scientific explanation as to how you get the feeling that you get from Tibetan singing bowls. There are seven chakra frequencies that are going to be audible to you when the singing bowl vibrates. Below are the seven frequencies:

396 Hz

417 Hz

528 Hz

639 Hz

741 Hz

852 Hz

963 Hz

It is a Tibetan Buddhist practice to use the singing bowls as items for their meditation and prayer. They use other items and incorporate those to get the necessary frequency that they have to hear as they pray. If they are meditating, they can use the singing bowl to emit a vibration that can help with the trance that they are going to experience.

When you have balance in the frequencies, you have balance in your chakra. There are seven chakras that you will know as you proceed with your path to meditation and chakra balancing. They are stated below along with their purpose:

Sahasrara is the crown chakra which is your highest spiritual center

Ajna is the third-eye chakra that is in charge of opening the mind for knowledge

Vishuddha is the throat chakra that represents space

Anahata is the chakra of the heart that is also known as Dharma in esoteric Buddhism

Manipura is the nabhi chakra where self-discovery is done

Svadhishthana is the sacral chakra that represents creation

Muladhara is the root chakra which can be transliterated to the root support

There are other minor chakras that you will be taught that you can find in your body. They all have their purpose as well, though minor. When balancing your chakra, it is important that you know why and how. The how comes in through the frequency that you are going to use.

Meditating and Soul-Searching

Used to be, Tibetan bowls for sale were only bought by Tibetan monks that intend to use them for meditation. However, due to the popularity of meditation and its positive effects on the chakra of one person, the production and sale of Tibetan singing bowls have also increased. If you are in possession of one, you can use it to balance your chakra through meditation.

As you meditate, use something that will constantly vibrate the singing bowl or at least vibrate it long enough for you to get through your whole meditation session. Do not focus on anything. In fact, let everything go and simply route your attention to where you are relaxed. As you fine tune yourself, you fine-tune your chakra as well.

Tibetan singing bowls are becoming more and more popular these days. But don’t take our word for it. Try them and discover how much these singing bowls can help improve your disposition And overall quality of life.

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