Get to Vaping with the Right Juice for You!

Vaping is more than a trendy alternative to smoking. Many vapers choose this method to quit smoking cigarettes or simple enjoy the taste. The vaping lifestyle has been booming in the recent years with the industry dedicated to finding new and original flavors that fit their customers’ personal preferences.

If you’re new to vaping, you may have some questions on how to find the right vape juice. We’ve put together a quick guide to locating a tasty vape juice that may be your new favorite.

Five Tips for Buying the Best Vape Juice

1. Nicotine or Non-Nicotine?

When you want to save money by vaping and not buying cigarettes, cheap vape juice can be the way to go. Regular smokers can look for vape juice containing nicotine and special rigs where they can choose the amount of nicotine they need for each puff. If you simply enjoy the act of smoking, look to non-nicotine flavors for your best bet.

2. Think of Your Favorite Foods

Vape juice comes in many flavors, such as menthol and fruity varieties. If you prefer sweets, search for vape juice that tastes just like birthday cake and candy! When your taste buds prefer something minty, peruse varieties such as candy cane and pine flavors.

3. Select Your Favorite Scents

We all have a scent that pleases our olfactory system. Some vapers prefer melon and fruit scents while others enjoy the subtle smell of smoke without extra fragrance. When you’re buying from a vape shop, ask the staff if they have samples of scents to find the best one.

4. Look to Variety Packs

When you’re still not sure of the vape flavor you want, a multi-pack can be your best bet. This way you can try out different varieties and choose your favorite. Follow the instructions to clean your vape between each juice so they don’t mix up and change flavors.

5. Perhaps a Blend?

Blended flavors of e-juice are popular when you want a unique taste. Many blends are seasonal with heartier flavors for fall and winter and citrus scents for spring and summer.

Try Out Flavors for Fun with Vaping!

Vaping is a lifestyle that is all about fun! While you don’t really want to share a vape with a stranger, ask your friends if they have a recommendation to smell or taste a vape juice before buying. It’s okay to switch up your style!