When you are shopping for pearls especially for a gift you need to remember there are so many types of pearl jewelry, you can find a pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings, pendants, rings, jewelry sets, and even loose pearls.


Pearl necklaces come in many sizes, with various numbers of pearls, as well as various types of colours of pearls. If this gift is for a young lady, a simple, one strand white pearl necklace is perfect for someone who is just beginning to start her jewelry collection.


There is a Count Your Blessing Bracelet with White Pearl 8mm size that is perfect for a confirmation, or first communion gift and would be treasured forever. It comes with a card saying “As you live and breathe on this earth remember to take each day you are given as a blessing. Hold those closest to you tightly.” Perfect!

Pearl earrings

There are many types of pearl earrings – popular is the one pearl set for pierced ears. But before you spend $100 on beautiful pearl earrings, the next time you are with your friend check her ears to make certain she has pierced ears. That could be an expensive mistake.

Pearl pendants or single pearl necklaces

These are so beautiful or unique; they are perfect for a gift to either your mother or your grandmother or your favourite aunt. Only an older woman would appreciate this type of pearl jewelry.

Pearl rings

There are some beautiful pearl rings especially with a coloured pearl. But as mentioned above make sure the person the gift is for – wears rings. There are some people that don’t and others who can’t wear enough so you need to be sure. You need to give a pearl ring to someone who appreciates rings.

Pearl sets

These sets usually consist of a pearl necklace, earrings, and matching bracelet. This is the perfect gift to give to your own daughter for a special occasion such as her wedding. This will make her wedding dress shine and it will be the start of her pearl jewelry collection.

If you need more information on any questions on pearls, go to pearlsonly.co.uk as they can answer all questions as well as help you with a selection.