If you have naturally wavy hair, you always wish to mold your hair in a new style. For that, you look for various ways. But, you need to know how to use a flat iron or Steam Flat Irons. Straightening irons can work well when you can efficiently control the temperature and be careful while using it. It is especially required for the people having a permanent wave which are formed by the cross bonding of hair strand.

The Right Flat Iron

The question of choosing the right iron becomes more important for the persons with wavy hair. To know which flat iron is right for you to see Steam Flat Iron Reviews. Here we have specifications of irons that you should use, according to your hair type.

Choose Wide Plates for Long Hair

Even women with wavy hair may have longer hair, and if you are one among them then it is imperative that you look for a flat iron which has wider plates. The plates of your iron should have a width ranging within 1½” to 2”.

Select Narrow Plates for Short Thick Hair

A flat iron with narrow plates is perfect for you if you have thick and short hair. The width range of plates of such iron should be between ½” to 1”. Choose wisely as a flat iron with similar width can also be used for people who have fine hair.

Keep the weight of iron in check

Whichever flat iron you are choosing, it should not be heavy. A heavy iron will make you sore while styling your hair. This is the reason; most women reject the irons weighing more than a few pounds.

Now, go and explore online to get the best flat iron or steam iron for styling your hair every day.