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Ideas to Wear Your Skinny Black Jeans in summer


Although a black jean is basic to look casual, you can use it in more stylish combinations. Use a black jean as a base piece, or focus attention on it using details such as straps or slits. A black jean can give an urban appearance with the indicated arrangements. The jackets, jewelry and shirts can make a black jean a catwalk garment. Style your closet with this dark piece of denim. Below are some ideas on how to style black jeans.

Choose a style Look for a jean according to your body type: The factors to consider are the shape of the jean, the length, the height and the position of the pockets. The type that universally suits everyone is the jean boot cut, which forms a slight bell at the end of the leg

Dress casual in office: Skinny jeans are mostly casual because they have a discolored touch. The black jeans of straight cut and fitted are more elegant.

Wear torn jeans to look bold: If you want, give them your own, but first practice with an old jean if possible. First, wear the denim where you want the tear by rubbing it with a steel wool or sandpaper. Then cut the jean with a sharp scissors or a cutter. Another alternative is to search online for black jeans that are already ripped

Consider wearing a belt with thin jeans. Use a top garment that reveals the strap. Also think about adding a touch of metallic color like gold to the strap. For example, you can wear a blouse with a collar and buttons down inside skinny jeans to show off a black strap with a large metal buckle.

Use a blister or a jacket. For a good combination, wear a jean with a coat of the same style. If you wear casual jeans, your coat should also be. If you wear a formal jean, combine it with a formal jacket. Look for a high waist blister that falls on your belt. Black and white blister are fashionable options for this style. If you want to look more casual, try a bright colored blister or one with a leopard print. It is good ideas on how to style black jeans.

Wear a blouse with buttons. Button it from the neck and wear outer garments if you want. A black or white blouse with buttons combines well with black jeans.  Avoid wearing black pique shirts with black jeans, as your style would lose interest. Instead, opt for pique shirts in bright colors or dark but intense colors.